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WODSPACE is an online fitness programming service. We are a team of experienced and educated athletic trainers connected to weightlifting, sport-specific training, and functional fitness communities. Our goal is to make intelligent program design affordable and accessible to athletes and fitness enthusiasts anywhere in the world.



Every journey starts by knowing where you want to go. Tell us a little about yourself, where you live, specific training goals, and where you'll be training. We'll work to develop the right fitness solution and get you moving in the right direction.



Intelligent. progressive, and sustainable. Using proven strength & conditioning principles and methods our programming is customized toward your specific athletic pursuit and designed for your environment both inside and outside the gym.



Once a training plan is in place enter your custom training log through a private URL at home on your desktop or at the gym on your smartphone. WODSPACE is 100% responsive so that your programming - and your trainer - are accessible on any device.

  • "I've tried my share of custom programs but just ended up paying for zero results. After a few weeks of WODSPACE programming I've never felt better."

    T. Burton

    Dorval QC, Canada

  • "I absolutely love your programming. I cannot tell you enough. I trained at another box and NEVER made these gains."

    D. Krieger

    Wauconda IL, USA

  • "WODSPACE works with my busy lifestyle and produces results. Not only is it the ease of access but the training is tailored to my goals. I have hit weights and PRs I didn't think I was capable of, definitely life changing for me."

    W. Cornett

    Grafenwöhr, Germany

  • "I've been following it closely and have seen fantastic results. My bench, squat, and deadlift have all increased dramatically since I started. Thank you again."

    T. Clement

    Christchurch, New Zealand

  • "The economics just made sense. Why pay 200 bucks each month for some group exercise when I can get the exact training program I need. WODSPACE was a good choice."

    M. Fortier

    Montréal QC, Canada


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All plans include choice of private online training log or single PDF document (25% discount) format, and 24/7 email support.



Everything you need

Provided by trainers with unique perspectives into athletic training, all the information you need for your training to progress will be organized into a clean desktop interface.


100% Responsive

Access your programming where you need it the most - in the gym. WODSPACE will adjust to fit any screen on any device so important training details are always available.


Keep it old school

Not a fan of smartphones and gadgets and prefer to log your training the old fashioned way? No problem. We can provide your training plan in a single PDF document or spreadsheet.



Montréal, Canada


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